Danny's Joomla! 1.5 MVC Component Generator

Danny's Joomla! Component Generator PRO (=v2.0)
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unlimited tables, a lot of different types of fields , validation, join tables, and more to come...

(First screenshots of PRO version is planned to be released mid octobre 2009)
(PRO version 2.0 alpha is planned to be released on 5 dec 2009)
(PRO version 2.0 beta is planned to be released on 30 jan 2010)
(PRO version 2.0 stable is planned to be released on 27 feb 2010)


The idea of this project is to create in a quick way a complete Joomla! 1.5 component with your own custom fields(varchar 255)

Version 0.7 generates:

  • 1 Table linked with categories table (like weblink or contact component)
  • Your custom fields ( varchar(255) )
  • "standard" fieds: title, alias ,create (datetime), created_by, created_by_alias, modified(datetime), modified_by, checked out, checked_out_time, published, ordering, params, hits
  • Administrator part which contains: Filter (search), select a category, select State published/unpublishe, create edit delete ...
  • Fronted with 3 views : categories (all categories),category (all items in a category), item (detail page)
  • breadcrumbs, title from menu, pagination,ordering,hits
  • some parameters ( not finished)
  • NEW IN 0.7 Download as a zip ( only when you register (free) and are logged in )

Version 0.8 (26 march 2009)

  • created, created_by, modified, modified_by is used
  • parameters
  • parameters of your custom fields ( show yes/no)¬†
  • some format of source code (but not finished)
  • Geshi/Print view on website. Now you can decorate your home with Joomla!code
  • select all code on website, easy to copy/paste

 version 0.8.1 (8 april 2009)

Changed in component/views/item/view.html.php

$params = &$this->getParams();


$params = &$mainframe->getParams();


How it works

  1. Think about the name of your component and the custom fields.
  2. Enter title of the component, your custom fields and a description.
  3. submit form
  4. Download the zip
  5. Install in Joomla! 1.5

Could it be easier? :)

download demo : com_myextension (as seen in v0.2)

download demo version 0.8 com_mycomponent  (as seen in v0.8)




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