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VirtueMart Cloud v1.3.3

VirtueMart Cloud v1.3.3

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"VirtueMart Cloud" generates automatically a Cloud or a List with the most used words from your VirtueMart Products (Name, Short , Full Description) sized by their amount of appearance.

Clicking on the words redirect you to the default category (search) page with results for this word ( or detail page if there is only 1 match).

Based on the Zaragoza Clouds Module

Update: 4 june 2008 New version mod_virtuemart_cloud 1.1
Update: 5 june 2008 New version mod_virtuemart_cloud 1.2
Update: 19 Feb 2009 New Version mod_virtuemart_cloud 1.3.0
Update: 19 Feb 2009 New Version mod_virtuemart_cloud 1.3.1
Update: 18 May 2009 New Version mod_virtuemart_cloud 1.3.2
Update: 23 July 2009 New Version mod_virtuemart_cloud 1.3.3, project now at


translators wanted, traducteurs voulu, traductores quería, Übersetzer gesucht, traduttori voluto, vertalers gezocht, ...

Hello world, i made a first version of the english language file. You can find at

Feel free to translate this file in your language and send it back to me ( joomlafreak at gmail . com) so i can include it in next version of this Joomla! module Thanx in advance!


Joomla 1.5

 UPDATE: New versions will be hosted at

Free * Download mod_virtuemart_cloud v1.3.2 here

Free * Download mod_virtuemart_cloud v1.3.1 here

Free * Download mod_virtuemart_cloud v1.3.0  here

Free * Download mod_virtuemart_cloud v1.2  here

Free * Download mod_virtuemart_cloud v1.1  here

* free as in beer and even better, open-source, GPL licensed to be precise.

Tested with Joomla! 1.5 and Virtuemart 1.1

New in 1.1 :

  • Source code translated from spanish to english
  • Select Font size length unit (px, % , em, ex)
  • Select Line height length unit (px, % , em, ex)

New in 1.2

  • New ordering : Random (shuffle)
  • Show only tags from special and / or discounted products
  • Show only tags from specific category(s)
  • Make more use of the VM search options ( $search_limiter in shop_browse_queries)
  • Choose to use the custom CSS or not
  • option to show only tags from the actual category the user browses in
  • Don't create tags of products that are not in stock (yes/no)

New in 1.3

  • Fixed some bugs
  • Show tags without link
  • random color
  • Removed Custom CSS ( Style in CSS, Not Html....)
New in 1.3.1
  • fixed some bugs
New in 1.3.2
  • fixed bugs
  • add new function to make string lowercase

 NEW in 1.3.3


New in 1.4 (not released yest)

  • ??? 
  • any ideas, contact me

Screenshot v1.3

parameters Virtuemart Cloud module

Screenshot v1.2:


Screenshot v1.1
Virtuemart Cloud Module 1.1

Screenshot of parameters mod_virtuemart_cloud 1.0:

(download first version mod_virtuemart_cloud 1.0 here)


Parameters Virtuemart Cloud Module is the playground of